We’ve dropped the “political” but not politics

You may have noticed that we are making some changes to our website. This is an on-going process at this point the most significant change is our name. We’ve dropped the “Political” from our name and we are now Jim Ross Consulting.

We decided to make this change because we do much more than just provide political consulting services. For example over the last year we’ve helped a major retailer open a new store; announce a major gift to San Francisco's parks; developed support for electric medical records; promoted the expertise of financial advisors for one of the largest investment firms in the world and worked for better health care access in San Francisco.

This work was in addition to our political work with labor unions and businesses in San Francisco’s last election cycle.

If it is a communications or public affairs project, the urgency of political campaigns still drives all of our work. We develop smart strategies and then implement those strategies aggressively.

That is something, which won’t change no matter the name of the firm.

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