Two days

Jeff Mapes has a preview of Governor Barbara Roberts’ new book. He focuses on the showdown between Governor Roberts and then Senator John Kitzhaber. To me the most interesting statement in his piece is this one:

“She revealed that Gov. Neil Goldschmidt gave her a heads-up two days before his bombshell announcement in 1990 that he wasn’t going to run for reelection. Roberts, then the secretary of state, became the Democratic nominee and was elected Oregon’s first woman governor later that year.”

I’ve heard Governor Roberts tell how she used these two days to lock down support for her candidacy for Governor. This is something that I have seen frequently in campaigns. One candidate will get in the race and build support while others dither for days, weeks or even months before deciding to run.

In campaigns your most precious resource is time, and in some campaigns two days is all you need.

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