How the Republican Primary has changed

Yesterday, Mitt Romney released his taxes. Which will likely help him in the primary but hurt him in the general. Our friend Jason Stanford makes the point:

Romney allies will see his millions in investment income as evidence of his financial acumen and personal success. Critics will see that he paid half the tax rate that the Obamas did, that he hid some cash in a Swiss bank account, and that he made $20 million a year and can't even hit a curve ball. 

The reason Mitt Romney would not release his taxes, was not because he was concerned about how it would play in the Republican Primary but how it would play in the general election. Until Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina, Mitt Romney was running a general election campaign, now he is running a campaign to win the Republican nomination.

The fundamental shift in the campaign is this now a race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for the Republican nomination. Not Mitt Romney setting up a general election contest with President Obama. 

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