How bad is the Republican brand in California?

The Republican brand in California has become so toxic that in the Los Angeles Mayoral campaign, just the association is being used in negative advertising. And the advertising is strong enough that it warrants a response.


LA Observed reports:


Councilwoman Jan Perry and her campaign handlers know that rival candidate for mayor Wendy Greuel is a Democrat — and has been since 1992. But her newest mailer sent to Democrats tars Greuel as a Republican and proclaims she is “not on our side!" Perry is also a Democrat, and local party leaders are not amused.

Trying to trick voters with the fake Republican tag is a loser's move, said John Burton, chairman of the California Democratic Party. "To suggest that Wendy Greuel is anything other than a proud Democrat is absurd,” he told the LA Times. "It’s not only far-fetched, it’s kind of stupid.”

County Democratic chair Eric Bauman was only slightly more forgiving. "At a time when our city is seeking new vision and new leadership, Democrats tearing each other apart only helps the Republican in the race, and does nothing to advance our shared Democratic values,” he said.

Remember that Richard Riordan, a Republican, was a popular mayor of LA from 1993-2001. Now the party is seen so poorly that it is a major attack. 

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