Fun with the voter file

This story from the SF Bay Guardian about people moving out of San Francisco got us thinking. With elections for the Board of Supervisors next year, we thought it would be interesting to look at how many voters have registered since the last election. 

Citywide 181,330 people have registered in San Francisco, since the 2008 election. This includes people who have moved to town and other new registrants.

After the break we look at registration by District up for election next year. 

By Supervisor District:

District 2     19,266

District 4     13,109

District 6     19,973

District 8     20,559

District 10   14,913

The registration numbers in District 8 are interesting. This has historically been a relatively stable district in terms of voter registration. Looking deeper into these numbers we find that many of these new voters (10,500) are under 34 years old, predominately  white and with at least some college. Roughly half of these voters are renters. (Please note we use census track data crossed over the voter file for some of this information.) 

San Francisco has always had high turnover of registration and this trend is continues.

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