Big Win In Solano County

On June 5, 2012, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434 State PAC won two big races in Solano County with the help of Jim Ross Consulting. The PAC hired us to run two independent expenditure campaigns for two different county Supervisorial races. We are happy to announce that we won both campaigns.

We successfully re-elected Solano County District 2 Supervisor Linda Seifert after she fended off a strong challenger. In District 5, former Supervisor Skip Thomson reclaimed his seat from incumbent Supervisor Mike Reagan. Though we created mail, online, and phone programs for both candidates, the campaigns were hardly the same. 

As Linda Seifert was an incumbent supervisor and had decent name recognition, we dedicated resources to telling the story of her successful term in office. Most of the mail for Seifert was positive and focused on Seifert’s key accomplishments – job creation and open government.  We did produce one comparative piece which caused quite a bit of controversy within District 2.

In the Thompson campaign, our objective was quite different. We were working to defeat a two-term incumbent supervisor, so our message had to be decidedly more aggressive.

Our mail programs for both candidates highlight our different campaign philosophies.  We produced eight pieces of mail for the Seifert campaign and focused primarily on Democratic and female voters. Five mailers were related to Seifert’s positive message and one was a contrast piece. The remaining two pieces were get-out-the-vote (GOTV) mailers. We wanted to remind voters about who Linda Seifert was as a supervisor and urge them to get to the polls to vote in this low turnout election.

For the Thomson campaign, we really highlighted the Democrat vs. Republican aspect of this non-partisan race. We primarily targeted our mailers towards Democratic voters. We also created six mail pieces highlighting Reagan’s negative attributes. We used campaign statements, newspaper articles and public records to back up each of our pieces’ claims. Additionally, we produced two positive Thomson mailers, two GOTV mailers, and one contrast mailer for the Thomson campaign.

Along with a robust mail program, we placed online ads in local media to drive traffic to each candidate’s primary campaign site. We also spent a portion of our budget on phone and email campaigns to drive turn-out. Over 10,000 Solano residents received phone calls from our campaign; calls that either sang the praises of our candidates, or calls that reminded them to vote. About 5,000 Solano residents also received emails with similar subjects.

After all the ballots were counted, Linda Seifert got 66.42 percent of the District 2 vote, while Thomson received 56.01 percent of the District 5 vote. 

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Recap of our recent wins in Solano County
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